veg restaurant in dubai veg restaurant in dubai

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veg restaurant in dubai

Veg Restaurant in Dubai

There is a lot of veg restaurant in Dubai but you always try to find the best restaurant. Dubai is a multi-culture, multicultural, multinational and linguistic so to find the cheapest restaurant in Dubai is difficult. I will provide you best and affordable veg restaurant in Dubai. Bombay Basera: Veg Restaurant in Dubai. The quality of food is good and the taste is better.

veg restaurant in dubai

How life be in Dubai for an Indian?

Dubai city:-
Dubai is the city in UAE known for shopping and nightlife but when I discuss food so there are many restaurants in Dubai but the demand for nonveg is higher than Indian food.there are many restaurants in Dubai but a number of the non-veg restaurants is higher than the veg restaurant because 90% people eat non-veg in Dubai.
How is life in Dubai?
It depends on your income because Dubai is a very rich city.if your income is high then you can survive in Dubai otherwise you cannot survive in Dubai.

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